Osburn 1600

The Osburn 1600 with pedestal will heat small to medium sized areas.

The built-in ash pan ensures that disposal of ash is easy and convenient.

Efficiently heats small to medium sized areas NES, ECAN and ORC Airshed 1 approved

Also available in wetback model , clean air approved Large 8mm radiant cook top 12 hour burn time

Built in ash pan to collect ash and make disposal easier

Product Specification Finish Metallic Black VHT Est. peak output 21.96kW

Approx. heat area 210m2 Emissions 0.7g/kg dry and wet Efficiency 70% (Dry) 67% (Wet –

See more at: http://www.masportheating.co.nz/products-1/osburn-1600-freestanding-wood-burner#sthash.CEdJWwwm.dpuf

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